Post comment to PLR using SMS

First you must register by texting PLRREG nickname fullname.

Example: PLRREG alex21 Alex Santos

Send ONLY to any of these numbers:

SMART: 09192828476

GLOBE: 09356246690

SUN: 09333731523


  1. Nickname must not contain a space or any special characters. Use alpha numeric characters only.(Letters of the alphabet and/or numbers)
  2. Nickname used in Post Via SMS feature is final and cannot be changed.
  3. Mobile number is final and cannot be changed.
  4. In case you lost your SIM card, you must use another username if you wish to avail of the Post Via SMS feature of PLR.
  5. Using another username is considered new account and different from your previous account. Points earned by your previous account is considered void and will be reset to zero(0).
  6. If you really want to change your nickname while retaining your mobileno or change your mobileno while retaining your username as well as points earned, we can do that for you for only P250 service fee.

After the registration, you can post comment by texting

PLRPOST comment

Example: PLRPOST My 4PM entry: 819 839 851 859 861 890

Disclaimer: Due to some factors that are beyond our control such as power loss, cellphone signal problem or internet connection problem, your comments and/or entries via SMS might not be posted all the time as expected.

PLR administrator does not guarantee that all of your posts via SMS will be posted on time or posted at all in site.

Use this feature at your own risks.

PLR cannot be held liable to any late or non-posted comments using the Post Via SMS feature.