PLR Point System Mechanics

PLR point system was created to bring out the best minds in the Swertres world and so as to bring more fun and excitement while sharing Swertres probables.

Here are the Point System rules for a smooth and fair earning of points.
  1. A sharer may post as many swertres combinations in the comment section but only six (6) swertres combinations will be considered as official entry for a given draw schedule.
  2. A sharer must declare using the word ENTRY FOR (11AM or 4PM or 9PM): followed by the six swertres combinations.

    A sharer may also declare BEST 2 combinations among the 6 combination entries.

    Ex. 11AM ENTRY: Best 2: 195 274 Best 4: 151 296 326 134

    Note: The word BEST 2 or BEST2 must be present in an entry to qualify for Best 2 point credits. B2 or B are no longer accepted as valid BEST 2 entry declaration.
  3. Advance declaration is not allowed. Entries must be declared on the date of the draw. Declare entries for the upcoming scheduled draw only.
  4. First declaration is final and cannot be changed. In case a sharer declare more than 6 swertres combinations for a particular draw, always the first 6 declared swertres combinations will be honored.
  5. Cut off of entry declarations shall be 30 minutes before the scheduled draw.
  6. Six (6) points shall be credited to a combination declared as Non-Best 2 that exactly matched with the result. One (1) point for rambled single combination and two (2) points for rambled double number combination.

    A combination which has been declared as BEST 2 and declared at least 60 minutes before the scheduled draw that exactly matched with the result will earn (12) points for target hit, (2) points for ramlbled single combination and (4) points for rambled double combination.

    A sharer can earn up to 12 points maximum in a single draw for Best 2 entries.

    A sharer can earn up to 6 points maximum in a single draw for Non-Best 2 entries.

    If both entries in Best 2 and Non-Best 2 got hits, the points earned with Best 2 entries shall be added to the points earned with Non-Best 2 entries, provided that the sum of points does not exceed 12 points. In case the sum of points exceed 12 points, only 12 points are credited.

    Best 2 entries declared less than 60 minutes before the scheduled draw shall be considered Non-Best 2 entries and shall earn a maximum of 6 points in total.

  7. Username must start with a character in the Alphabet and must contain only alpha numeric characters with characters with exceptions of space( ), underscore(_), hypen(-), period(.) and @ characters. Other characters are not allowed.
  8. Entries must contain only alphanumeric characters, and punctuations. Other characters must not be use under any circumstances.
  9. To claim the earned points, a sharer must text to 09174005482 or email to a copy of the winning entry with the timestamp within 24 hours. Failure to do so will forfeit the earned points.
  10. Only one sharer are allowed per username, per email, per IP address, per device(Computer, Cellphone, Tablet or any device use to participate with PLR point system). A sharer who violate this rule will be terminated and can no longer participate in the PLR point system.
  11. Top Sharers of the Month

    Sharer with the highest points earned for a particular month will be awarded with the 1st prize, the second highest will be awarded with 2nd prize and the third highest will be awarded with 3rd prize.


    • 1st Prize: P500 cellphone load
    • 2nd Prize: P300 cellphone load
    • 3rd Prize: P200 cellphone load

    Qualifier: Prize winners must win at least 4 targeted combinations on or before the end of month.

    Note: Monthly contest will start on the first scheduled draw of the of the month and will end on the last draw of the month.
    Monthly points will reset back to zero before the start of the new month.

  12. Top Sharers of the Year 2014!


    • 1st Prize - Tablet-Phone
    • 2nd Prize - SmartPhone
    • 3rd Prize - Cellphone

    Qualifier: Prize winners must win at least 50 targeted combinations on or before Dec. 31, 2014

  13. In case of tie scores, prizes will be divided by the winners.
  14. Prizes will vary depending with the provision of the administrator.
  15. This point system is free and for fun only.
  16. Post and be responsible on each of your posts.
  17. You should participate in the point system for the reason of having fun and nothing else.
  18. Should you agree on these rules, then you can start participating in the PLR point system.
  19. Have fun.


* These mechanics is subject to change without prior notice.